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What is EUAR / UKCA?

EUAR is European Union Authorized Representative, which is a natural person or legal person expressly appointed by a manufacturer located in the EEA (including EU and EFTA) or outside Britain.
In short, EUAR refers to a person with the CE mark selling in European Union in the case of manufacturers outside European Union.
UKCA is named British Authorized Representative.
According to the regulation of British government, the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) certification mark was officially begun on the 1st of January in 2021.
The UKCA mark is a newer British product mark, which covers the majority of goods that previously required the CE mark.
However, the CE mark will still be used until 1st of January in 2022.
Similarly, UKCA refers to a person with the CE / UKCA mark selling in Britain in the case of manufacturers outside Britain.
Who needs EEA / UKCA?
Both the two conditions met by sellers, need EEA / UKCA:

EEA in Europe (including EU and EFTA)

and sell in Britain

The sold goods are certified by CE and UKCA

The manufacturers of goods

outside EU or Britain

Which types of products need EUAR / UKCA?
The products with CE or UKCA mark

Toy Packaging

Electronical Packaging

Note: Common items including toys, games, televisions, stereos, protective equipment by self, machinery, the goods of construction, gas equipment, leisure or private boats, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment etc.

What can eVAT Master do for you?

Sign a one-year EUAR or UKCA agreement and

provide this service

The EUAR or UKCA information can be printed

on the product packaging or parcel and can also

be attached on the relevant document

Confirm the follow-up service such as providing

a DOC template etc.

Note: Our services do not include logistics, sales, goods return, clearance by the Customs, infringement, trademarks or patent etc.
Furthermore, we do not provide the service of signing the DOC (also known as Declaration of Conformity)

Service Advantage of eVAT Master

Reasonable Price

The price structure is clear and visualized

Simple Process

Store data online
Press one button and declare tax
Monitor weight thresholds in real-time

Be professional
and authoritative

Our experts are from domestic and international and provide a series of related specialized services

Be efficient and smart

Farewell the traditional
and inefficient declared method
Accept a newer smart way
of online registering and declaring

The Service Process of EEA / UKCA and Timing


an eVAT Master
account in 30 seconds


an EUAR / UKCA service online
It is convenient and efficient


your information in 5 minutes


an authorized EUAR / UKCA agreement
Authorize successfully in the 1-3 working days

The Consequences of not registering EUAR / UKCA

According to the New EU Commodity Safety Regulation, also known as EU Market Regulation 2019/1020, there is an offence to sell goods with the CE mark in EU but not having a person inside EU after 16 July 2021.
Beginning in July in 2021, there is an offence that selling CE-mark products without the relevant EUAR information based on Amazon's official email.

How to apply into EUAR / UKCA?

1. Update the EUAR or UKCA information on Amazon account information

2. The EEA or UKCA information is printed on the product packaging,

product manual and product tag.