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What is VerpackG?

VerpackG is named Verpackungsgesetz.
In order to protect the environment, reduce waste pollution, promote the good use of recyclable packaging and recycled materials as well as the recycling efficiency of packaging materials, the German government introduced a new Packaging Law on the first day of January in 2019, replacing the previously effective Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (Packaging and Packaging Waste, 94/62/EC, 2004/12/EC).
The new Packaging Law requires sellers to register and apply for a license, and to declare the packaging material, type and the weight of the sold products. If not do, those products will not sent into warehouse and sold in Germany.
eVAT Master, as a pioneer, launched VerpackG recycling service met by German new Packaging Law.
Who needs to implement German VerpackG?
Manufacturers, importers, distributors, online retailers, or direct-mail-marketing companies will be obligate to register their packaging materials if
they want to put them on the market.
Which type of products need to implement German VerpackG?




Ferrous materials such as iron, manganese, chromium,
vanadium and titanium


Beverage carton packaging

Other composite packaging

Other materials such as wood,
cloth and more

(Note: Exceptions are made for contaminated packaging with toxic substances such as pesticide bottles)

What can eVAT Master do for you?

Register and acquire a registered VerpackG number of beginning DE
Declare the packaging weight for the coming year
Pay off the disposing and recycling fee of packaging

Service Advantage of eVAT Master

Reasonable Price

The price structure is clear and visualized

Simple Process

Store data online
Press one button and declare tax
Monitor weight thresholds in real-time

Be professional and authoritative

Our experts are from domestic and international and provide a series of related specialized services

Be efficient and

Farewell the traditional
and inefficient declared method

Accept a newer smart way
of online registering and declaring

The Service Process and Timing of German VerpackG


an eVAT Master account
in 30 seconds


a 1-year VerpackG service package
including registering to declare

Submit it

you information online in 5 minutes


your ID and number
Acquire a VerpackG registration code
between 1 and 3 working days


one button and declare
Declare two times every year
Pre-Declare in 7 days
If the pre-declared amount
is over than that of it,
sellers will pay for extra money to cover

Consequences of Not Registering German VerpackG

Randomly checking shall be carried out by the local authorities of all state governments.
The following penalties shall be imposed on persons who fail to carry out their obligations to register.
Forbid to sell products:
There is a fine up to 200,000 Euros

If you do not register, your competitors will make a complaint to you.
Once you made a complaint by your competitors, your products on the shelves may be removed.
At the same time, you will face a fine up to 100,000 Euros.
Products on the shelves may be removed:
There is a fine up to 100,000 Euros

How to apply the German VerpackG into products?

1. The registration code of VerpackG

will be acquired in 1 to 3 working days.

Furthermore, at the end of the year sellers

will declare the extra money.

2. The related packaging and recycling mark will be printed on the product