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What is BattG?

The European Batteries Directive 2006/66 / EC have to be implemented by all EU countries.
However, they can be implemented through a series of measures such as legislation, administrative actions and other methods based on their own situations.
Therefore, different EU countries have different Battery Laws.
Sellers need to separately register it.
Germany has changed the European Battery Directive 2006/66 / EG into German national law, namely, the Battery Law (BattG).
It is effective from Ist of December in 2009.
It is applicable to all types of batteries and accumulators.
The law requires that sellers have to be responsible for their batteries that have been sold including the issues of recycling and disposing of the used batteries.
eVAT Master, as a pioneer, launched a recycling service of the used batteries met by German BattG.
Which type of products need to implement BattG?
Anyone places batteries, accumulators or equipment with built-in or closed batteries on the German market for the first time in order to sell, consume or use.
Which type of products need to implement BattG?

Batteries or Accumulators

Such as double AA batteries

Products with built-in batteries

Such as electronic watch

Products with batteries

Such as a remote-control car with batteries

What can eVAT Master do for you?

Register and acquire a BattG registration number
Declare the battery weight for the coming year
Pay off the fee of recycling batteries

Service Advantage of eVAT Master

Reasonable Price

The price structure is clear

and visualized

Simple Process

Store data online
Press one button and declare tax
Monitor weight thresholds in real time

Be professional and

Our experts are from domestic and international and provide a series of related specialized services

Be efficient and smart

Farewell the traditional
and inefficient declared method
Accept a newer smart way
of online registering and declaring

The Service Process and Timing of BattG


an eVAT account in 30 seconds


a BattG service including BattG registration and
1-year declared service


your information online
in 5 minutes


a BattG registration code in around 8 weeks


one button and declare
Declare once annually
Pre-Declare in 7 days
If the pre-declared amount
is over than that of it,
sellers will pay for extra money to cover

Consequences of not registering BattG

According to Article 22 and 23 of Section of the German Battery Law and the official announcement of Amazon,

when sellers do not register BattG or do not dispose and recycle used batteries or sellers do not regularly declare the sales quantity,

sellers will face the following penalties:

Delete ASIN

Remove the link of product

Goods are detained by the
Customs when arriving in Germany

Confiscate all the profits inside Germany

There is a fine up to 100,000 Euro

How to apply the BattG into products?

1. Acquire a BattG registration code in 7-10 days

and if the actual declared amount is over than the pre-declared amount,

sellers will pay for extra money to declare.

2. The BattG recycling mark will be printed on the product or packaging.