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What is VAT?

VAT is called Value Added Tax, which is a kind of turnover tax levied to the value-added value of taxpayers' production and management activities that is generally adopted in EU countries.
European VAT is collected from consumers based on sales inside Europe by sellers who have registered VAT, and declared and paid to the tax authorities among European countries.

What can eVAT Master do for you?

Apply for a VAT number
Calculate VAT smartly and provide in details

Declare monthly/quarterly/annually VAT and

receive a smart reminder for each

Affiliate European address

Receive letters from Tax Office

Distribute smartly those letters via OCR

And enter into eVAT Master account of every client

Monitor the figure of distance selling
Product advantage
Service Process

Consequences of Not Registering VAT

According to the EU VAT Directive 2006/112 / EC and Amazon's official announcement, the following penalties will be imposed for the illegal acts of failing to register, declare or pay VAT:

Sellers cannot acquire a VAT refund from importing

Goods are detained by the Customs
Sellers cannot progress the Customs clearance

Amazon account will be frozen
Sellers cannot progress any sales

Sellers will pay back extra tax and interest Sellers will have a great amount of fines occurred