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How many sellers are using eVAT Master


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The Decreasing Cost of VAT Declared


The Increasing Efficiency of VAT Declared

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Why is eVAT Master Attractive?
Traditional Tax Agent
  • Sellers
  • Related staff who collect documents (Business Personnel)
    Collect documents in
    2-3 days
  • Related staff who check documents
    (Customer Service)
    Check documents in 2-5 days
  • Tax Specialist
    Submit documents into Tax Office in 2-5 days
  • Tax Office
    Register VAT / Change into your previous tax agent
  • Related staff who check documents
    (Customer Service)
    Remind sellers of the cost of unknown tax declaration
  • Tax Specialist
    Collect the related VAT figures in 2-5 days
  • Tax Office
    Hand out a receipt
  • Related staff who check documents
    (Customer Service)
    Confirm the tax amount
  • Sellers
    Complete the declaration
eVAT Master
  • Sellers

    Press one button and declare your tax

  • Tax Office

    Hand out a receipt in one minute

  • Sellers

    Complete tax declaration in five minutes

Professional Service

Our customer service staff from eVAT Master, who are specialists
from this industry, have more than 3-year experience.

Our customer service staff are eligible for well serving clients after
passing our related test.

9 Services FOR FREE

  • 1 Opt out FRS for free
  • 2 Apply for an EORI for


  • 3 Sign up MTD for free
  • 4 Affiliate tax number

    address for free

  • 5 Receive letters from Tax

    Office for free

  • 6 Calculate many times in the same

    declared period for free

  • 7 Declare annual tax for


  • 8 Provide tax guides for


  • 9 Search declared records any time
Security of eVAT master

SaaS System

256-bit data encryption technology
National Information Security Level 3 Certification
A series of standards closely protect the privacy of customer data

Encrypt from Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services
has a strong distributed computing system
and a powerful disaster recovery mechanism
They will have a 24-hour uninterrupted backup
to ensure the data zero loss for sellers

Ensure Information Security

The triple firewall
including DDOS, WAF and hardware
isolate virus and fully protect
against illegal network intrusion