Our Advantages
As a tax technology company, EVAT MASTER provides comprehensive solutions that reduce manual intervention, streamline business workflows, and optimize compliance procedures to help our customers achieve business and compliance success while keeping their costs in check.
Our Team
We have a multilingual team of tax professionals, IT experts, business developers, customer advisors, and operate in all main European countries.
Our Technology
Our compliance automation platform can avoid inaccurate VAT calculations, and continuously streamlines compliance workflows end-to-end for online traders to maintain a strong security and compliance posture.
Our Customers
We have a solid customer base in China and a wide connection in Chinese online seller communities. Our account management and client service functions are in regular contact with customers to ensure they get the best value from our services.
Our Data Protection
The technology we use is in conformity with ISO 27001, an international standard for information security. EVAT MASTER transmits user data to the tax office only with explicit user consent. EVAT MASTER also maintains user's information and tax record for the required period of time in conformity with local fiscal law in case of tax inspection among other compliance requirements.
How can EVAT MASTER help with your compliance obligations?
Navigating International VAT compliance
EVAT MASTER automates compliance operations and evidence collection with security monitoring integrations in your
cross-border e-commerce businesses. With EVAT MASTER, you can gain visibility into your compliance status, and build
a single picture of compliance risks control across your company.
Enabling EPR to Sustain E-commerce
EVAT MASTER currently provides EPR compliance services in Germany and France, covering batteries, WEEE,
packages, furniture and textiles. Going forward, we will put EPR services in place for the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain
and Italy in 2022.
Customers can manage their EPR obligations on EVAT MASTER’s SaaS platforms.
Registration across countries
Local compliance schemes contracting
Reporting on collection and recycling
Committing to Product Safety
EVAT MASTER represents more than 25,000 online stores in the EU and the UK. Our duties are as follows:
Collect the product’s EU Declaration of Conformity (or Declaration of Performance) and ensure that additional
documents demonstrating EU conformity of the product can be made available from the manufacturer or brand owner
upon request in a language understood by an authority;
Cooperate with market surveillance authorities, ensuring that the manufacturer or brand owner takes necessary
corrective actions to remedy any non-compliance of the product;
Advise sellers on affixing CE marking, especially on how to label and package their products correctly.
Is EVAT MASTER safe or not?

SaaS System

SSL, 256-bit data encryption technology; National Information Security Level
3 CertificationA series of standards closely protect the privacy of customer

Encrypt from Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services

Double servers between Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services have a strong distributed computing system and a powerful disaster recovery mechanism.They will have a 24-hour uninterrupted backup to ensure the data zero loss for sellers.

Ensure information security

DDOS, WAF, hardware triple firewall isolation virus, full protection against illegal network intrusion.